About Us

Sharp Kids is a premier institute for empowering children by providing them with training to acquire valuable skills and excel in life.  This program employs a unique learning method designed to help each child develop photographic memory concentration and learning skills needed to perform to his or her full potential.  Aimed at holistic development of child’s brain by developing life long skills in a child, Sharp Kids method of teaching ensures the child develops optimal concentration and retention skills thereby laying the strongest possible foundation for their advanced studies in future. The incredible accelerated enrichment learning program of Sharp Kids is designed to stimulate the mental development, self-esteem and leadership skills of your child.  Our curriculum and teaching methods are structured to challenge your child through activity, in a fun learning environment, to expand his or her knowledge, capabilities and performance.  Sharp Kids continually strives to increase the overall quality of our course and contribute in this field.   Sharp Kids is manned by young professionals engaging in Abacus, Mid-Brain Activation and Kids Yoga with a personal touch child friendly syllabus.


Sharp Kids believes in the mantra ‘A child is a precious gift and should be nurtured as such’.


  • Our mission is to empower the future leaders by nurturing them in a fun filled environment.   Our mission is to unleash the true potential of your child by providing the right tools, to strive to prepare your children for success in all walks of life by enhancing confidence, concentration, communication and can do attitude.To develop intellectual capability of children so that they realize their full potential.  With proper instruction and reinforcement, help our children perform at the level we now call gifted.  To get our children what may be considered an unfair advantage as they progress through their academic year and through life.


  • To build a strong foundation through whole brain activation program so that the children are better equipped to take on tougher challenges as they embark upon their journey in the adult life.  To offer Sharp Kids courses to the maximum number of children. To continually strive to increase the overall quality of our course and our contribution in this field. Through our support and career advancement method, help our franchisees develop a sense of accomplishment.

What is Sharp Kids

Sharp Kids is a unique brain development program for kids between 5-15 years of age of all abilities.  The following are the components of the program:


Whole Brain development (Using Abacus)


Mid Brain Activation Program (Using DMIT)


Personality Development (Using Yoga)


Established  October 2003


Sharp Kids was started with the intention of tutoring and training children in and around Delhi where such facilities were lacking.  This method was so successful that the children’s performance proved better than children already undergoing similar courses in Delhi.  With this new found confidence, centres were set up in Delhi and other towns as well to provide this quality training to children.

Sharp Kids alone has the privilege of making this course accessible to every child regardless of their parent’s monetary status.  We have highly subsidized centres for underprivileged children.